Home-Grown Opportunities: A Partnership with WVU at Parkersburg

In the 1960s, we made a promise that we were 200 miles fresher than our competitors, and through our partnership with West Virginia University at Parkersburg (WVUP), our chips will be as fresh as the potatoes grown in your own backyard. Through a donation of $45,000 from Mister Bee, the college will grow specialty chipping […]

American Legion celebrates veterans chip bags

A Chip-Flavored Challenge: American Legion Rallies Support for “Salute Our Veterans” Bags

As we honor our nation’s heroes with our specialty “Salute Our Veterans” bags, we also pay our respects to the American Legion. Kim Mellie, general manager of American Legion Unit #174 and president of the Ladies Auxiliary, has issued a “Chip Challenge” to other West Virginia American Legion units and other service groups to purchase […]

Mister Bee employee with veterans bags

Give a Savory Salute: Veteran-Honoring Chip Bags Hit the Shelves

The Mister Bee plant has been buzzing with patriotic spirit for months! Our limited time “Salute Our Veterans” bags honoring our nation’s heroes are now in production. We are producing up to 250,000 bags and shipping them to Mister Bee locations and chip-loving homes. For every sale, 10% of proceeds are going to the United […]

Mister Bee "Thank You Veterans" original potato chips

New Chip Bag Honors Our Nation’s Heroes

We believe our nation’s veterans should be honored every day for their service, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something special this Veteran’s Day! Thus, to show our gratitude, we are releasing the new, limited time “Salute Our Veterans” chip bag. This new design captures patriotic spirit and flair, but our initiative goes beyond […]