Department of Veterans Affairs clinic

BEE KIND: Saluting Our Veterans with Salty Snacks

We have a lot of patriotic spirit here at the hive, and we show it in our own crispy, perfectly seasoned way. That’s why in honor of Veterans Day we donated our specialty “Salute Our Veterans and Military Personnel” chip bags to around 108 veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs clinic on Ohio Avenue. These specialty bags raise funds for the United Services Organization (USO) of Washington-Baltimore, a non-profit that supports the U.S. military and their families throughout their time in uniform.

We received some great feedback from Rob Graham, key account manager, regarding the event. “[The veterans] were pretty happy to see that people care about them,” he said. “I don’t think the veterans always get enough care. A lot of people sort of forget about them once they get back.”

Honoring our nation’s heroes is a year-round commitment for us, not just one day in November. That’s why we are continuing the “chip challenge” we launched in February to sell 250,000 of our veteran-themed bags. Thus far we have been able to donate $100,000 to the USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore.

You can help us with this mission—and taste the benefits too. During November and December 2020, we will provide free shipping on online orders of our “Salute Our Veterans and Military Personnel” bags. Just order directly from our online store so you can do your part in supporting the ones who sacrifice so much for our country. The special chip bags are also available in all retail stores carrying Mister Bee products.