Offering the freshest, best tasting chip on the market!

Mister Bee utilizes only quality ingredients to ensure the freshness of all our products. Taste the difference that quality makes in Mister Bee Potato Chips, the only potato chip made in West Virginia!

Learn more about each of our fantastic flavors below!

The Original

Mister Bee original potato chips bag

Sour Cream & Onion

Mister Bee 16 ounce sour cream and onion chips


Mister Bee 16 ounce barbeque chips

Dip Style

Mister Bee dip style potato chips bag

Cheddar Sour Cream

Mister Bee cheddar sour cream potato chips bag

Honey Barbeque

Mister Bee 16 ounce honey barbeque chips


Dip style jalapeno chips bag

Salt and Vinegar

Mister Bee salt and vinegar potato chips bag