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Mister Bee receiving USDA funding

Mr. Bee upgrades the hive with USDA funding

The plant is buzzing with excitement over our latest opportunity! We’ve received $250,000 from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development for renovations and energy-saving equipment. So how are we going to keep the chips you know and love coming in even faster? We’re financing a new warehouse, water recycler, fryer, potato washer, lighting, […]

Home-Grown Opportunities: A Partnership with WVU at Parkersburg

In the 1960s, we made a promise that we were 200 miles fresher than our competitors, and through our partnership with West Virginia University at Parkersburg (WVUP), our chips will be as fresh as the potatoes grown in your own backyard. Through a donation of $45,000 from Mister Bee, the college will grow specialty chipping […]