Mister Bee at WVUP Job Fair

Need Your Votes to Upgrade the Hive: Mister Bee Competes for a Game-Changing Grant

Calling all Mister Bee chip lovers: from classic flavor fans to the jalapeno adventure seekers, we need your help.

We have entered the annual FedEx Small Business Competition for a $50,000 grant to fund critical resources. If we win, every dollar goes back to you in improving our website experience and exploring new, lower-cost shipping options.

As a huge thank you to everyone who has chipped in so far, we are also offering discounted shipping during the voting period! Now until March 24th, get half-price shipping when you order any flavor of the three 9-ounce chip bags.

Ready to help us elevate the snack time tradition? You can support us by simply casting a vote every day through March 24th. Just visit the grant page and vote with a single click. This page also delves into our story as a woman-owned business and our place in the community.

We hope you can take a moment to support us so we can keep investing in the Mountain State in our own deliciously salted way. Everyone at the hive thanks you!